I was two when I held my first pencil & started my "training" as an artist. Living in rural northern California, I had plenty of time to draw, paint & color. I was born an only child & grew up surrounded by the agricultural beauty of California’s North Sacramento valley. Playing amidst the purple bearded iris & getting lost in the Almond Orchards, made more of an impact on me than all my years of school. I learned to appreciate nature on backpacking trips to remote mountain meadows. I developed an honoring of nature that my art strives to portray. My border designs are like jewelry adornment for the plants I love so much.

My family was always very supportive of the arts. Vacations consisted of trips to other little Northern California towns...visiting their local plant nurseries, galleries, & art fairs. I remember being very affected by meeting other artists & listening to the dialog about their work...how much love & time they put into their art. I loved the idea of pouring your heart into something...of creating beauty out of your own experiences.

 I earned a bachelors degree in art from California State University Chico. I have lived in Eugene-Oregon, Mt Shasta-California, & now the rugged Ka’u Coast of Hawaii Island. I bicycled the backroads from Eugene-Oregon to Arcata-California. I have traveled throughout Europe- bicycled through Portugal, frozen in Amsterdam, been in awe of Paris, eaten my way through Italy, strolled the cobblestone of Switzerland. I have been sold carpets in Morocco & had my eyes painted in the traditional Berber way.

I have desires to go to Madagascar & hang out with the Lemurs.... to paint the amazing botanical & insect species who call it home.

 I have delivered fresh raw juice, worked in restaurants, bars & ski parks.....all steps toward my present devotion to a life of creating beauty......sharing beauty.....being swept up in the duality of life......& trying to be a small part of the balance.........